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Share Your Experience Of Dreaming and Believing While Waiting

No matter how long it takes to accomplish all of my dreams and goals, I will remain grateful for the opportunities and blessings I have received. I went from working in a unfulfilling career, to working in a career that offers endless opportunities to accomplish my goals. Nevertheless, as you know, everything you accomplish in life doesn't happen over night. Being consistently motivated to accomplish your dreams and goals is not always easy. Somedays the motivation's high and your able to make significant strides to accomplish them. However, sometimes you can find yourself in a season where it feels like your waiting for the opportunity to seize your goals. 

Have you ever dreamed about accomplishing a goal but in the present time it seems nearly impossible or far away? Have you ever believed in yourself, but was stuck waiting on the chance to seize the opportunity? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section to help motivate and encourage others!

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